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3 Gante, 30 Dina, 30 Seconds : Interesting film

Cast: Aru Gowda, Kavya Shetty, Avinash, Devaraj, Sudharani, Chandrasekhar, Ramesh Bhat, Chandrasekhar, Anantvelu, T.S. Nagabharana and Gururaj Hosakote.

Director: Madhusudhan G.K.

Producer: Chandrasekhar R Padmashali

Its title has created lot of curiosity among the audiences. Though it revolves around the much-repeated subject – love – it has succeeded in making the audiences to remain in their seats while watching it at cinema theatres.

Madhusudhan G K, who makes debut in Sandalwood as a director, has done a commendable job. It is not there are no mistakes in narration but such mistakes can be ignored since it is the first film for Madhusudhan who handled megaphone for advertisement films.

It is about Avinash (Aru Gowda), a young and energetic advocate who is an expert in solving cases. Avinash decides to solve one case in three hours. While doing so, he happens to meet Sharmila (Kavya Shetty), a news reader of a TV channel. She has the capacity even to replace a chief minister. What happens to Avinash and Sharmila is the climax.

As far as performance of the artistes is concerned, Aru Gowda has acted well. Kavya Shetty’s performance has added value to the film.

Director Madhusudhan has tried his best to explain love is true or false. For this, he has introduced lot of characters. The audiences may feel bored to watch these scenes but those are necessary to prove the director’s point.

It may not be an exaggeration to say that audiences would feel like watching a Kannada film made during 1980’s while watching 3 Gante, 30 Dina, 30 Seconds.

The other plus point of this film is no obscene scenes though it has some regressive dialogues about women. Sridhar Sambram has done an excellent job. He deserves appreciation for background music.

It is worth watch by whole family members.

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