5 Scenes Of Race 3 Trailer Which Have Been Mimicked From Other Movies


As per latest reports, the promo of Remo D’Souza’s forthcoming suspenseful story Race 3 has amazed everyone.

Not only this, the promo also made each and every buff discussing it owing to many reasons.

The promo has everything in it including Sallu’s performance, the entry views of other actors, stunt, superb dialogue delivery as well as his charm.


The buffs can’t give it a miss as it was the most awaited trailer of the year.

From this, it seems that the flick will be the best entertainer of 2018 as the makers promised in the very beginning.

The spectacular promo was a great show in itself as it boasts all the vital constituents including fervour, love, passion, fight, as well as glamour.

However, the promo of the highly anticipated flick has great similarities with other popular scenes that are explained below:

Scene 1 – Bike

# When Sallu Bhai pulls a motorbike like Mr Perfectionist in Dhoom 3.


Scene 2- rooftop- Happy New Year

# This special stunt scene is reminiscent of Happy New Year, even though it was produced on chroma in the latter.


Scene 3-Kaante

# This special scene provided an instant feel of Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaante.


Scene 4-Desi-Boyz

# In this, we got crazy when Salman Khan and Bobby Deol walked shirtless and they reminded us of Desi Boyz.

Scene 5- xXx-1

# A blast and a motorbike escaping the chaos and this special scene took us reverse to the 2002 American spy suspenseful story xXx



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