6ne Maili : Slow yet Adventurous trek



Title – 6ne Maili
Producer – Dr.Shailesh Kumar
Director – See Ni
Music – Sai Kiran
Cast – Sanchari Vijay, RJ Netra, RJ Sudhesh Bhat and others

Plot – Four Trekkers including Bengaluru’s Famous RJ Raghav (RJ Sudhesh Bhat) plans for a Trekking to Dhavalagiri. When they travel from Ujire to Uppinangady at 6th Mile, story takes a curious turn. What is the mystery behind 6th Mile is the crux of the story.

The film starts with IPS Annamalai appealing to Naxals for joining the mainstream. What does this film have got to do with Naxals.? Watch the film to know the answer.

As a lead, National Award Winner Sanchari Vijay with two different shades has given good performance. RJ Netra and RJ Sudhesh Bhat has done a commendable job. Krishna Hebbale, Raghu Pandeshwar, Mythri Jaggi, Dr.Janvi Jyothi are equally good. Producer Dr.Shailesh Kumar also makes his appearance on screen.

Director See Ni has tried his best to make the audience sit at the edge of the seat. The movie has a good plot, but screenplay and narration could have been more engaging.

First half of the movie is quite slow, while second half ride is much smoother. Editing could have been much more sharper. Cinematography is appealing.

What keeps you intact is the Background score. Sai Kiran has done a decent job. Infact, Background score of the movie is the plus point. Title Track which has death metal pattern is impressive.

6ne Maili is watchable. If you are a fan of Sanchari Vijay, then don’t miss this night trek.


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