The versatile actor Ananthnag immensely liked subject ‘Hottegaagi Genu Battegaagi’ in state award winning director Narendra Babu – director of Santheyalli Ninta Kabhira too is hitting the silver screen by this month end.

The first film of Kannada to shoot at Bhurj Khalifa is this ‘Hottegaagi Genu Battegaagi’ saint Kanakadasa song line as the title.

Why this film ‘Hottegaagi Genu Battegaagi’ generated lot of hype is because of versatile actor Ananthnag going through the script in detail. In the normal cases Ananthnag would use to look at his portions in the film. This time he has not done so.

Ananthnag has asked the bound volume of all artists’ characters, the screenplay and dialogue at his door step. Then he asked director Narendra Babu to come after one week.

When Narendra Babu returned after one week Ananthnag has in detail given corrections and was confirmed that this film would going to be a good grosser in the box office.

That is the reason for watching this film too; somewhere the directorial IQ of Ananthnag is seen in this film as his suggestions are graduated in thinking and on top. It is a rare story indeed. The character of Ananthnag is like a ‘Sea’. Like how all rivers come and join sea – all characters in the film would reach to his character in the film.
Ananthnag is of course a serious actor nowadays. He has 300 films to his experience. Such a personality approves every character – the obvious hype builds up for the film. At the outset it is set on two generations journey. Marriage is like God believes Ananthnag character. He is supposed to work under a corporate company girl who is much younger in age. The young aspiring business tycoon is a believer in Living in Relationship. What would be the situation when these two character travel in the cinema?
Narendra Babu firmly says he has not told any message in this film but only explained the situations. The film got clean U certificate.

Ananthnag and Radhika Chetan characters are two absorbing ones in the film. PKH Doss is cameraman, Hindustani background Ramachandra Hadapada composed music for this film.

Sudarshan, Ramamurthy and Harish Sherigar are producers of this highly expected film.


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