Of course the lovely looking lady of ‘Aa Karaala Rathri’ did not miss the eyes of guests was Anupama Gowda. Known for her ‘Akka’ TV serial she was ‘Pakka’ glam doll with wide open ‘back’ (Bennu – someone called her ‘Benher’ remembering the classic movie Ben Hur of 1959).

Anupama Gowda was looking so glam and in showing her back, she had even beaten ‘Bhavana’ senior actress and politician on that day.

Related imageWe all know when glam and potentiality in acting add up what happens. That is precisely in the case of Anupama Gowda. She heard the tale ‘Aa Karaala Rathri’ in Big Boss 5 days from Dayal Padmanabhan. Like how JK agreed to act, similarly on the substance of stage play of Mohan Habbu, Anupama also showed keen interest.

She was looking interesting in her very ravishing song screened. The black costume and invitation to JK in the ‘Shringara Rasa’ of the film was brilliantly handled for the film.

Anupama Gowda is a dancer, fashion designer and actress. It was ‘Akka’ a matured performance of ‘Elder and Younger’ sister she portrayed got her rich applauds.

Aa Kaarala Rathri is Anupama Gowda second film. She was seen as cantankerous girl in ‘Nagaari’.Before coming to big screen and even before ‘Akka’, Anupama Gowda was seen in Halli Dhuniya reality show. Took audition and got selected for ‘Anna Thangi’, later she was seen in Chi Sow Savithri, Deepavu Ninnade Gaaliyu Ninnade’ and the one clicked tremendously is ‘AKKA’.

Anupama Gowda is in a periodic cinema of three decades old. She is precisely in her age role for ‘Aa Karaala Rathri’. The trials and tribulations besides the bubbly nature is part of her role in ‘Aa Karaala Rathri’ of director Dayal Padmanabhan.

Cinema of course is big in reach and screen too. There is no boundary but small screen has a restricted boundary says the pretty actress Anupama Gowda.


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