Asathoma Sadgamaya : A movie with a social message



Title – Asathoma Sadgamaya

Director – Rajesh Venoor

Producer – Ashwin J

Peireira Music – Wahab Saleem

Cast – Radhika Chetan, Lasya Nag, Kiran Raj, Baby Chitrali and others.

Plot – Sherlin (Radhika Chethan), an orphan who is brought up in Finland comes back to India to find her roots. On the other hand, Raghava (Kiran Raj) and his lover Sandhya (Lasya Nag) aspires to settle in USA. Will Raghava’s dream comes true.? Will Sherlin find her mother is the latter part of the Story.

This film also focuses on the concern towards the closure of Kannada medium Government schools due to Private schools mafia. Director also stresses upon the importance of Education for Children without burdening them.

Director Rajesh Venoor has blended Family drama, Patriotism, Romance elements in the film. But narration style could have been better. Wahab Saleem’s Songs and Background score leaves a mark.

As NRI, Radhika Chethan has given her best performance. Kiran Raj and Lasya Nag has done justice to their roles. Chitrali and Yogi Dwarakish have good screen presence.

The movie has a good social message. Watch it without any expectation.


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