Score – 3.5/5

Title – Kelavu Dinagala Nantara, Producers – Muthuraj HP,Vasanthkumar, Direction – Sri Ni, Music – Rocky Sonu, Cinematographer – Amar, Cast – Shuba Punja, Lokesh, Jagadish, Dravya, Pawan, Sonu Patil, Ramya and others.

A horror dose film giving this kind of humanity touch and looking at the grave issue on the other side was not heard so far. The horror happens for a crime is general tendency. A horror dose for social irresponsibility is tucked in this film ‘Kelavu Dinagala Nantara’.

This is the right kind of film at right time. The younger generation making costly lapse is told with touching incidents in the second half of the film.

First time director Sri Ni has the ability and diversity in narration that catches your attention. There is nothing in front of humanity in life. In addition to it the present generation facing troubles in resorts and hotels is a cautious aspect of this film.

In just 100 plus minutes of the film the first half makes you to be attentive for the second half. With not known actors director Sri Ni pitches high in his second half. You would be surprised in some places.
Watch for more on this film soon.

At the outset the batch of girls and boys on the way to spend time on a purpose have not done any crime. But the irresponsibility that is mainly because of fear gives a punishment. We will not tell you what ‘Irresponsibility’ the batch of boys and girls have done. It is better you watch it on screen.

Director Sri Ni using the horror tactics does not given chance for loose ends. In the first half he has taken time to introduction of characters and a strange couple coming to the room. Next is very significant portion for the society and especially for the youths of today.

Shuba Punja only senior actress has done a good performance. The fear in the faces of all in her company has come out well. Comedy Kiladigalu Lokesh is slowly shaping up as a talented actor. The fear and expressions in him are too good. Pawan as employee of a lodge has given good relief. Jagadish, Sonu Patil and the couple with a child have given right emotions.

The background score of this film is highpoint of the film. The cinematography of interiors and outdoor are well captured for the film.

One should have ‘Humanity’ in life and that is the best ‘Beauty’ of life. Director Sri Ni and team have done a competent work in the first film.


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