Score 3.5/5

Title – Buckasura, Producer – Rohith and team, Direction – Navaneeth, Cinematographer – Mohan, Music – Avinash, Cast – RJ Rohith, V Ravichandran, Kavya Gowda, Sithara, Sadhu Kokila, Sihikahi Chandru, Vijay Chendur and others.

Money makes many changes in Life. It is considered another ‘Breath’ by human being. Morality and Money does not match these days. Why a film like ‘Buckasura’ (aptly titled) becomes important for the masses is because of its fight between greed and morality.

It is not the ‘Bakaasura’ of mythology; it is ‘Buckasura’ with new ideology in Kaliyug. Director Navaneeth not giving up the dose of ‘Horror’ for which he is famous from ‘Karva’ has managed to give a convincing film that does not test your patience. It holds mirror to the society on many facets.

We have Arya (RJ Rohit) handsome hunk, he does not go behind a girl too much or run around trees. He is a lawyer and knows how to win cases for money. He knows what he wants precisely. When he was in difficult days the people in the society did not care him. So why should I care about society is a pointer to the society.

Arya changes his attitude with mother and lover. It is all because of money. He throws credit card for his fiancé to do shopping. Of course this is the system in which we live in high class society. Arya does various tasks for ‘Chakravarthy’ – he even doubts the credibility of his boss. Yet he does everything for the sake of money. Arya fine tuning in the case of Zakir Khan who is labeled as terrorist wins him a big booty. How cleverly he argues that Zakin Khan is just a Dharma Guru but not a terrorist earns him laurels. There is a suspense element at this point of time that you to watch it on silver screen.

While it is a cake walk for V Ravichandran, it is a butter cake walk for RJ Rohit. His looks, dialogue delivery in a speedy style and seriousness in the film gets him full marks. Kavya Gowda showcased her talent in the given opportunity. Suchindra Prasad perfect Kannada is a treat but the judge Sihikahi Chandru role could have been made very decent. Sadhu Kokila and Vijay Chendur give a brief relief in comedy to tickle funny bones.

The background score, two songs from music director Avinash are aptly adjusted by Navaneeth. Cameraman Mohan diligence is seen in every frame.

You like money or morality – You better watch this film ‘Buckasura’!


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