Oh Come on! Who does not know Ballari is burning in climate. That’s OK. We are talking about Basavarala Ballari burning in the film ‘Rukku’.

A monotonous film ‘Rukku’ by Basavaraja Ballari (he had put it as Bellary) is lethargically made and in which zamana is this director one wonders looking at the film.

Repeatedly the female protagonist Vega Ramya deceived from Thilak with a baby on hand says not to follow. I am not right match. Wherever I went from birth it is bad luck in my life she says repeatedly. Yet the director wants to give life to ‘Rukku’.

In the end director Basavaraj Ballari applies the ‘Burning’ tactics. The heroine Rukku (Vega Ramya) switches on the gas cylinder at her tiny house and the hero Shreyas (Krishna) hugs the burning heroine in flames and dies with her. Before that there is horrible accident in which Rukku child dies in road accident.

In the days of saying ‘Neenilla Innobba’ – such a Stone Age thought of Basavaraj Ballari is ridiculous.


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