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Film: Chamak

Cast: Ganesh, Rashmika Mandanna, Sadhu Kokila, Giri, Raghuram, Sumithra

Director: Suni

Producer: T.R. Chandrasekhar

Music: Judah Sandy


Director Suni alias Simple Suni has come out with a different film that has the potential to cater all categories, especially all age groups, of audiences. The film Chamak takes off well but slows down during the second half. However, the director proves his mettle by ensuring screenplay crisp in the climax which will be appreciated by women audiences.

The film is about Dr Kush (Ganesh), a gynecologist who allocates more time for spending time with his friends who has no other better work than visiting bar and restaurants in the city. Kush tries his best to select a girl to be his life partner. The more he tries the more he gets disappointed. He happens to meet a drunkard (Giri) who advises him to hide his bad habits and pretend to be a gentleman.

He follows the drunkard’s advice and convinces Kushi (Rashmika Mandanna) to marry him. Without knowing each other’s habits, they get married. After a few days, he continues to entertain his wayward friends and tells lies to Kushi. Finally, he came to know about the true colour of Kushi. Both want to opt for divorce. The judge gives his consent but Kushi comes to know that she is pregnant. What happens to the estranged couple is the climax.

Golden Star Ganesh is at his best. His performance in comedy scenes especially in the scene where he holds a woman patient’s sister hand makes you have a hearty laugh. He walks away with all honors in a scene where he consoles a parent who craves to become a father.

Rashmika Mandanna looks glamorous. Her smile is an added value for her performance. She has proved her capacity to play any type of role with aplomb. The scene where Rashmika slaps Sadhu Kokila and questions why he wanted to be a villain for her is a treat to watch.

Sadhu Kokila, Raghuram, and Giri provided good support. Music director Judah Sandhy has composed good music and the background score deserves appreciation. Cinematographer Santosh Rai Pathaji has done an excellent job behind the camera.

It is worth watching by all age groups.

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