Any actor who has admiration to other will not miss a chance to act! We had seen several such cases in Indian cinema. Sometime it is just to bring in toppers together for the market aspect. The latest one what we have is ‘The Villain’ with Dr Shiv and Kichcha Sudeep together in Prem direction.Related image

Look at the actors like Chikkanna a famous comedy actor from ‘Raja Huli’ Kannada cinema. Chikkanna has admiration to Suman Ranganath a senior actress who looks sexy to this date. Previously it was Yogish in ‘Sidlingu’ was bowled over by the beauty of Suman Ranganath.

Now this Chikkanna openly claims why should leave when I get an opportunity to romance with Suman Ranganath.  Chikkanna immediately agreed to the invitation to act with Suman Ranganath. I adore Suman Ranganath from a long time. I had seen her films with Dr Ambarish, Dr Vishnuvardhana and others. When I am supposed to act with her how I can miss her says Chikkanna speaking to media.

Related imageI was so happy when Suman Ranganath name was suggested. Director Chandramohan of ‘Double Engine’ says he took up the film for actor Chikkanna. On the other hand Chikkanna says Chandramohan has given a big hit in my life ‘Bombay Mitayi’ and I told him that he would work on any day with him.

Now the selection of artist Suman Ranganath was jointly discussed by Chandramohan and Chikkanna it seems.

Related imageIn this cinema industry some actors want to work in a scene with stalwarts. Ramya had it in ‘Amrudha Dhare’ with Amitabh Bachchan. She wanted to hug Amitabh Bchchan. It happened in that film.

Kichcha Sudeep was in Tamil film ‘Puli’ because of Sridevi presence in it of Tamil super star Vijay film.


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