Dialogue writer turned director from ‘Rangappa Hogbitna’ is a cinema journalist too. That is ML Prasanna we are talking about. The guts of this youngster such that he has invested on his second film direction ‘Chitte’, composed music besides story, screenplay and dialogues.

It is no doubt hard earned money of Prasanna. He has got full support from his wife Smt HS Poornima Prasanna. On her first time coming to stage and holding the mike she recommends that producers should get cooperation from their spouse because it is such a nice profession.

Smt Poornima Prasanna admitted that she also not supported her hubby for a long time in the cinema industry. But in the last one year she has understood the right tunes of film making and feels proud about her husband.

ML Prasanna with first copy of his proud child ‘Chitte’ is going before the censor board soon. He had screened the lyrical songs and trailer of the film. Simple Suni released new trailer of the film.

For hero of the film it is enthusiastic and energetic role. He had never acted as husband in his previous films, even Harshika Poonacha not played a wife role in her of a decade. The newly married get a distraction in life. That is the main turn for the film.

Cameraman Vishwajith, co actor Nagesh Karthik, Navin Sundar Rao CG, editing, co direction, production manager Santosh and art plus costume designer Chandana were present at the media briefing.

The life of ‘Chitte’ (butterfly) is small but the life of this film be very long hoped Simple Suni.


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