Score – 4/5

Title – Dhwaja, Producer – Ravi, Direction and cinematography – Ashok Kashyap, Music – Santosh Narayan, Cast – Ravi, Priyamani, Divya Uruduga, TN Seetharam, Veena Sunder, Tabala Nani, Bala, Mandya Ravi, Sunder Raj and others.

It is a political potboiler in which the vengeance wins over everything. That is ‘Dhwaja’ in a nutshell made with strong commercial masala elements. You would love to watch the twists that are very frequent post interval.

Those who have not watched Tamil film ‘Kodi’ of Dhanush, this film ‘Dhwaja’ by firs time producer, actor Ravi is very convincing. As the political heavy weights boxing in the ballot soon, here is a circumstance very close to the real life politicking.

When you say real love wins you are wrong, when you say life wins against all odds, you are wrong again. When you conclude that lovers after political battle would join together, you are wrong again. So much is the twist in this ace cameraman turned director Ashok Kashyap handling. For the original subject ‘Kodi’ he has made a few changes.

The lovers Dhwaja (Ravi) and Ramya (Priyamani) are opponents in politics. Dhwaja from childhood grown up in the political party office, he is strong, muscular and brainy. Ramya is brilliant and has the knack of cracking at things. She has adored the seat of power with lot of love and affection.

The mercury factory issue is a moronic issue for the two. Dhwaja has a proper document but Ramya expose this document to gain a stand in her political party. This divides the lovers too. Lovers are at loggerheads now. On a dark night the meeting of lovers results in something staggering.

Ramya runs away from the scene as Dhwaja is in pool of blood. For the eyes of the audience it is clear. For political bosses the loss of Dhwaja is very sensitive issue.  Ramya on the other hand uses her brain and invite twin brother of Dhwaja – Jana a professor in the college to contest the by election.

The mood of the film takes a dangerous turn after Ramya moves to New Delhi as Rajya Sabha member and Jana to the surprise of everyone is elected unopposed as MLA. His twin brother nature is intact with him. He is in the get up of his elder brother Dhwaja is what difficult to digest for Ramya. End of the reels you know from watching the film in the theatres.

It is a perfect debut for Ravi in double role. He has that height and look. He has never fallen short in his acting. He is a power house too in action scenes. The opening dance for Ravi is magnificent.

It is Priyamani national award winning actress on top gear in this film. Her looks, Saree selection, dialogue delivery etc are the first pinch hitter of this thriller. Tabala Nani, Veena Sunder, TN Seetharam and others extended good support in character roles.

Dialogues for this film, production values, locations, and editing plus background music are precise for this film. The music from Santosh Narayan is apt and timely montage songs appear on screen.

Ashok Kashyap as cameraman and director gives a feast to the eyes. Interior and exterior his lighting effects is a treat to the film audiences.

There is no reason for you to miss this film ‘Dhwaja’.


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