Did Nick Jonas officially introduce Priyanka Chopra as his girlfriend to his family???


Whoever thought Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are not serious about each other must be quite surprised after looking at their recent pictures from a wedding. I mean, making public appearances together is a different thing and meeting your partner’s family is an all together different thing! Had they not been serious then Nick would have definitely thought twice before taking PC as his date to his cousin’s wedding. Say for that matter even Priyanka wouldn’t have agreed to accompany Nick to hang out with his family. But guess, things are moving pretty fast for Priyanka and Nick.

While the pictures of Priyanka and Nick arriving arm-in-arm at the wedding has already got tongues wagging. A TMZ source reveals how the couple wasn’t even shy in indulging in PDA while hanging out with Nick’s family. In fact, Nick is said to have also introduced Priyanka to his brother Kevin, and his wife, Danielle, further proving what PC means to him. PS: We are not sure if the actress also met Nick’s parents or not. Many fans are certainly hoping she did.




This wedding attendance is definitely a big thing! As per reports, the two have been spotted attending an LA Dodger’s game, a yacht trip with Nick’s friends and a Beauty and the Beast concert. They followed this consecutive three-day meet-up with a formal date in a hip restaurant in West Hollywood.



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