Did you know Varun Dhawan was a part of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Allah Maaf Kare’ song from Desi Boyz?


It’s that day of the week when we decide to take a trip down the memory lane and reminisce about the moments that were once so cherished. From visiting old interviews or viewing behind-the-scenes stills, it’s good to get nostalgic some day and make ourselves believe that time indeed flies so fast. Sometimes the information that we know is a treasure in itself that deserves to be shared with others. Take Varun Dhawan, for instance. We didn’t know the star was a part of Akshay Kumar and Chitrangada Singh’s ‘Allah Maaf Kare’ song until we saw this video from its making. Don’t be surprised for we have the video and you can watch it too.

We don’t know if Varun Dhawan was assisting his elder brother, Rohit Dhawan while directing Desi Boyz or he simply dropped in on the sets to pay him a visit. But we see him in this making video of the song and that raises our curiosity. You can see a confused looking Varun right there in the video below and you will wonder why he looks so lost. The video is obviously shot during the break when the camera wasn’t rolling but the October star was curious to know what’s really happening and how well his elder brother is directing it.




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