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Good Attempt, Deserves Appreciation

Film: Devarantha Manushya

Director:  Kiran Shetty

Cast: Pratham, Vaishnavi, Shruthi, Sangeetha, Suchendra Prasad, Tabala Nani and others.

It is one of the films that has created curiosity among Kannada movie buffs, especially Olle Huduga Pratham’s fans. Though it Pratham’s maiden film, he has not disappointed his fans. His dialogue delivery, especially the attempt to promote Kannada in Bengaluru, deserves appreciation.

The film begins with Suchendra Prasad visiting a bar and restaurant to avoid getting drenched in rain. He meets Kakanakapura Vinayaka alias Kavi (Tabala Nani) in the bar. They indulge in chit chatting while taking liquor. At this juncture, Pratham (Pratham) interferes in their discussion. He too joins them to share the liquor. He narrates his story to them. He also explains about the circumstances that compelled him to become a drunkard. He also tells them how he happened to fall in love with Parimala (Shruthi), the daughter of Bagepalli Bhagyamma (Sangeetha), a woman police constable. He also tells them how he helped Bhagyamma to recover her walkie talkie and how spent a few days behind the bars to save Bhagyamma’s job.

Impressed and empathized by his pathetic story, Suchendra Prasad and Kavi meet Parimala. They come to know about Pratham’s true colour.

Meanwhile, Suchendra Prasad explains to his daughter Geetha (Vaishnavi) about the reasons for coming home late. He also tells her about his meeting with Pratham. After listening the story of Pratham, Geetha decides to meet him. Both of them meet at a pub on MG Road. What happens to them is the climax.

As far as the performance of the artistes, Pratham has acted well. Both the heroines – Shruthi and Vaishnavi – have done justice to their respective characters in the film.

Though there are a few drawbacks, director Sunil Shetty deserves a pat on back. He has done a good job in making the newcomers to act well.

It is a worth by mass, fans and well-wishers of Pratham.

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