SCORE : 3.5 / 5

Title – Hottegagi Genu Battegagi, Producer – Colors of Anekal and Acme International, Direction – Narendra Babu, Music – Ramachandra Hadapad, Cinematography – PKH Das, Cast – Ananthnag, Radhika Chetan, Smitha Kulkarni, Sandeep Urs, Anil and others.

This is a curiously awaited cinema by film critics. One and only reason is versatile actor Ananthnag involvement in every inch of the film. The net result is great in thought and good in portrayal of roles.

This is a near perfect in thinking instead of making it clumsy of the situation. The present generation likes this type of deleting from problems of any high value. That is why the film is profound in thought.

In fact versatile actor Ananthnag virtually drives the film and also the car for his boss Shravya. The Gamya group finally becomes Gamya Global Company. In between there are many mindsets that you find around us.

The brilliant retired employee Shyamprasad (Ananthnag) is an Intern in a Gamya group. The hiring of retired brilliant guys for the present start up companies is a redeeming thought. It pays well for the company and so is in this film when Shyamprasad a grey haired 60 years old man enters the team. This Gamya group works on the theory ‘No one is boss and no one is Slave’!

When Shyamprasad gets in to the company headed by Shravya (Radhika Chetan) a sprightly and business tycoon – there are several developments. The reason behind Shyamprasad coming to this Gamya Company is because it is located in the place where he worked for 40 years – Royal Printers Group – it is a sentiment factor for Shyamprasad. As the days advances Shyamprasad is respected by all and adored by Shravya.

There are a few hiccups in the life of living in relationship believer Shravya. How such issues get good ending and that is something unimaginable you have to watch it on screen.

It is amazing to watch Ananthnag again. He suits the role impeccably. Some more dialogues were required for Ananthnag character audience feel.

Radhika Chetan is a treat to watch in long shots and close ups. Her walking style in the beginning and then when she is in black and white costume with goggles – you feel like having her as girl friend.

Smitha Kulkarni and Anil pair is refreshing. The role of Radhika Chetan mother and relationship with her is bit crude.

On the music part there are two admirable songs from Ramachandra Hadapad, Agnaadinda… ever lasting melody.

PKH Das has perfectly used the lighting for this film. He could have showed the Burj Khaleefa building from outside view.

Educating audience, giving treatment to issues perhaps left out. This film gives a high class end to issues. It is a class apart in Narendra Babu Direction.

Go watch this film without fail.


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