‘He is so funny’ a passenger exclaim on a plane Watching Ranveer Singh…


Ranveer Singh is a goofball. He has this infectious energy which can rub on to others easily. Even if you are not in the mood to have fun, this actor will make sure you do just by standing next to you. Recently, he returned from Hyderabad after shooting a long schedule of Simmba with Rohit Shetty. We shared with you pictures of how he was flaunting it at the airport that he is Rohit Shetty ka hero. But that’s only the teaser! We have a video of the actor from the flight he took from Hyderabad to Mumbai after wrapping up the schedule there. He is having a ball with other crew members. In fact, he was so much fun that a passenger even exclaimed ‘He is so funny.’


Before you watch the video, let us tell you that we don’t know if the plane was mid-air or was just stationed at a place when this video was recorded. So if you want to break into a barrage of how ‘unsafe’ that is, take a hike. This is no place for that. Anyway, the video which is doing the rounds of the internet has Ranveer dancing with a crew member. Rohit Shetty can be seen asking a few passengers if they were disturbing them. Quite obviously no! It’s not always that Ranveer Singh entertains you in a flight. Check out the video right here…



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