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It disturbs all

Film: Google

Direction: Dr V Nagendra Prasad

Cast: Dr V Nagendra Prasad, Shubha Poonja, Amrutha Rao, Muni, Shobharaj, Sampath and Jayadev.

Dr V Nagendra Prasad, who penned thousands of lyrics and also handled megaphone, makes debut as an artiste with Google film that has been released at theatres across Karnataka. The specialty of this film is its title that creates a lot of curiosity among the movie-goers.

As its title suggests, its script is a different one and it may not be an exaggeration to say that no director had attempted to direct a film with this type script in the past. The script is about a couple who joined hands to lead a happy married life after falling in love with each other. They succeed to construct a sweet home for them after struggling a lot. The couple has a chubby and lovely daughter. It was a happy family. Whey everything was going well, their life takes a turn at this juncture. The twist has the potential to shock the audiences in the theatre. It is the crux of the film.

When it comes to the story, it is about hero who goes to Google village in Raichur district in search of an important thing. The main focus of the film is searching. What for hero searches? Whether it is an instrument? Is it love or other thing? You have to watch the film for the answer.

We have to appreciate Dr V Nagendra Prasad for agreeing to play this role in the film. Perhaps no popular artiste would have agreed to play this type of character.

Shubha Poonja deserves appreciation for her dedication. She walks away with all honours for her sterling performance. Shobha Raj played a different role. It seems Muni, who is known for playing villain roles, took a small break from monotonous villain character roles. He played a different role.

Sampath and Jayadev, who have come from theatre, have done justice to their assignments. Amrutha Rao looks beautiful in this film.

Lyrics are the plus point for Google film. The son – Jo Laali – may remain as an evergreen song.

It is worth watch by class as well as mass audiences.

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