After a hullaballoo change of hands, change of titles and changes in the script Dr Ambarish and Sumalatha son Abhishekh film has been decided.

Sumalatha Ambarish looking after the training process of her son Abhishekh has finally put an end to rumors in the gossip mill on the launch of her son film. The names of Chetan Kumar, AP Arjun, Pawan Wodeyar were in circulation for direction.

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The birth name of Dr Ambarish – Amarnath is shortened to the title of Abhishekh launch film ‘AMAR’. Dr Ambarish in his 220 films in a career of 45 years acted in title role of his original name ‘Amarnath’. There is a strong reason in selection of ‘Amar’ title. The super stars like Dr Shivarajakumar debut was ‘Anand’, Power star Puneeth Rajakumar debut was ‘Appu’, Dhruva Sarja opening film was ‘Addhuri’.

Dr Ambarish best friend Sandesh Nagaraj of Janata Dal Secular a renowned producer is investing for the debut of Abhishekh in ‘Amar’.

Related imageThe script and narration of this film is now on shoulders of Nagashekhar – hat trick director of Aramane, Sanju Weds Geetha and Myna’ – Nagashekhar a famous comedy actor of nearly 100 films in Kannada had a disaster from ‘Masthi Gudi’. Besides the huge loss for this film, the two actors in villain roles ‘Anil and Uday’ passed away in a helicopter drown at TG Halli.

‘Amar’ debut of Abhishek is set for launch on May 29, birthday of Dr Ambarish. The film has thrilling moments with lovely music and action.

Arjun Janya in music and Sathya Hegde cinematography decided. Three top heroines are in the mind says Nagashekhar.

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