Jennifer Winget gets trolled after sharing a random picture with a meaningful caption…


Jennifer Winget is one of those actors who keep on sharing different moments of their life with fans. Her Instagram account is a proof of it. From her sexy photoshoots to her casual pictures with friends, the actress keeps her fans updated and entertained about all that is happening in her life. But how will she know that she will be the next target of the trolls? While the actress has a huge fan following and they love whatever she does, recently something went utterly wrong. Among the many pictures, she recently shared a still from Bepannaah, where she is seen kneading flour with her hands and her expression is as cute as it can be. The actress is known for her witty statements and thus her caption was a mere phrase used in our daily lives.

While praises started showering on her, the post also received flak and trolls started calling her cheap as she called the food dirty. But read it to know what she actually meant. “Can’t be done with your hands in your pockets. Sometimes, you have to get your hands dirty to get the job done. #bepannaah”[sic] While her expression is a candid shot, people started commenting that she called the food dirty. Well, that is far from the truth. This is a normal candid picture where Jennifer looks cute and her comment is a mere phrase that means you can’t sit and wait for the food to be ready on its own, you have to put your hard work to get it done. But she was obviously backed by her fans and it’s cool to see that the actress kept herself aloof from all these unnecessary negativities.

Trolling has become a day to day news recently. Be it for flaunting a bikini or be it for applying lipstick, everyone is judged. Especially, the stars.



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