SCORE : 3.5 / 5

Title – KAALA, Producer – Dhanush, Direction – Pa Ranjith, Music – Santosh Narayanan, Cinematography – Murali G, Cast – Rajanikanth, Naana Patekar, Samuthirakani, Eswari Rao, Huma Quereshi and others.

It is Rajani time machine in Ranjit pa direction. As the famous Sanskrit saying kalaya thasmai namaha is there it aptly fits the bill. At the outset this looks like Ram and Ravan clash.

R and r combination hit the hilt and a downtrodden good Samaritan Karikaalan the protagonist shown the cinematic way of protecting his people and it is step forward for Political career of Rajanikanth. Of course this film does not disappoint like ‘Kabali and Linga’.

Like how Kannada film ‘Mathadi Mathadi Mallige’ of Dr Vishnuvardhana fought a Gandhian peace war when multinational wages a war the similar war Kaala wages a battle losing his family life. The ulterior motives of eradicating Dharavi a place of slum dwellers is done by using the Kiths of Kaala. As a mass leader Rajanikanth wins the he arts of commercial movie buff at the interval point. The land grabbers in the name of urbanization also work on the caste feeling in this film.

The post interval is a war between black and white, Harinath Desai a politician played by nana patekar lifts the film with his shrug voice. To what extent the henchmen work out in evicting people of Dharavi colony in Mumbai has a nation issue in it.

Pa Ranjit has given what he missed in kabaali. He can proudly say ‘naa kaala da’ in future. His quick narration, swashbuckling stunts, well conceived character add to the value of the Film. Huma Quereshi and Eshwari Rao extended able support.

This is a film curiously awaited and it satiates that curiosity.

A film worth watching!


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