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Film: Kanaka

Cast: Duniya Vijay, Haripriya, Manvitha Harish, Rangayana Raghu, Ravishankar, K P Nanjundi, Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Pratap, Bullet Prakash and others.

Director and Producer: R Chandru

Music: Naveen Sajju

It is one of the big-budget films made by R Chandru, basically a director who made his debut in Sandalwood with the successful film Charminar. It is the first film for Duniya Vijay under Chandru’s direction and also the first one for him to share silver screen with the most sought-after heroine Haripriya.

Chandru used to tell media persons during the shooting of Kanaka about the money he spent for this film without compromising with the quality. The action scenes and canvas of this film vouch the expenditure for this film.  The stunt scenes are sure to keep Duniya  Vijay’s hard-core fans happy.

It is about Kanaka (Duniya Vijay), an altruist autorickshaw driver. A community leader (K P Nanjundi) from Belagavi and his henchmen attempt to kill him. At this juncture, the director explains who is Kanaka and his childhood. What made his father to hate Kanaka and under what circumstances Kanaka comes to Bengaluru from Bangapura.

The director also explains how Kanasu (Manvitha Harish), a medico and what made her to come to Bengaluru and who is her father and what made him angry and what happens to her.

The screenplay gains momentum with Kanaka deciding to return to his native where Obalesh (Ravishankar) wants to continue as the president of Milk Producers’ Association. Kanaka’s father reluctantly allows him to stay at home.

Kanaka meets his childhood sweetheart Sampige (Haripriya). She narrates him about the circumstances made her to marry a Dubai-based polygamist. Sampige also explains him how she ended up as a widow. Meanwhile, Kanaka’s brother Lakshmesha contests for Milk Producers’ Association. Will he get elected? What happens to Kanaka? Will Sampige and Kanaka join hands to lead a happy married life? One has to watch this film to know answers for these queries.

Duniya Vijay is at his best in action as well as sentiment scenes. Manvitha Harish looks promising. If she utilizes the opportunities in Sandalwood, no one can stop her in becoming a good artiste. Haripriya looks beautiful. Though her role is brief, it is very important in the film.

Rangayana Raghu has acted well. His dialogue delivery and gestures are very good. Ravishankar is convincing as a villain. Kuri Pratap, Bullet Prakash and Sadhu Kokila provide comedy.

Cinematographer Satya Hegde has done a neat job in capturing the greenery in rural areas. Music director Naveen Sajju has provided foot-tapping music. Songs, especially the song Enne Namdu and Putta Putta Kannugalu, are good.

It is worth watch for those crave for action movies and also those who want to watch films with emotion and comedy.

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