When the super hit Hindi mythological television serial ‘Shani’ child actor Karthikeya Malaviya (born in Uttar Pradesh in 2004) given extremely powerful performance and won 3 awards as best child actor the talk of Kannada Shani in Colors Kannada made lot of discussion.

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Whether the same boy would take up the role in Kannada was discussed but the gem was available in Deena Bandu Ashrama run by Mr Jaidev.

That is Sunil an orphan grown up in the Ashram of Jaidev. Sunil performing extremely well has completed SSLC. He learnt Yakshagana in Udupi for one month. He was picked among 65 boys and the application was 400 for the Shani character at Colors Kannada.

Image result for Kannada Serial ShaniSunil portion of Young Shani is shot at the massive set of Gurgao where the Hindi version was also shot. He immensely thanks Jaidevanna. It is Jaidevanna the key inspiration for me in life. One should grow in life to become inspiration for others what Sunil learnt from Jaidev. In the Deenabandu Ashrama there is practice of solving the problems of all the problems united.

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Who is this Jaidev you must be wondering. The founder of Deenabandu Ashrama Jaidev is grandson of Rashtrakavi G S Shivarudrappa.

Noted Kannada actress Arathi and her husband Chandrasekhar are supporting financially to run this Deenabandu Ashrama. Jaidev is giving ground for the neglected forest children.

Now look at the similarity of ‘Shani’ the most loyal ‘Graha’ – Karma Phala Daata. He was discarded after birth by Sooryadev. Similar is the case of Sunil in real life and he has grown up in an Ashrama.


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