This Kannada film ‘Kannadakkagi OndannuOththi’ is a remake of a Tamil film? There is a similar title bearing Tamil cinema according to sources.

However the film coming before the media and director Kushal making the film in ‘Edabidangi Cinema’ without revealing anything about the film left a strong doubt that this film might be a remake of Tamil cinema.

It was launch of new audio house by Yogaraj Bhat. It was from ‘Pancharangi Audio’ the CD was released by noted music director Hamsalekha.

When Hamsalekha is there the hard hitting words were expected. He turned his gun on Yogaraj Bhat for his ‘Udafe’ (careless) nature and Arjun Janya music composer of the film for taking publicity via his photographs.

It is on Hamsalekha advice Yogaraj Bhat started new audio label. You should have done long ago. Now you are searching for good songs and starting audio label was another direct hit from Hamsalekha.

For Kannadakkaagi Ondannu Oththi, Hamsalekha opined that audience should press their admiration. In a jam packed auditorium three songs of the film were screened

‘Eda Bidangi Chitra’ is the banner of this film. The literature in Kushal is what brought Yogaraj Bhat near to him and that later resulted in evolving new audio house ‘Pancharangi Audio’.  He is very angry man and had to change producer for it. all his friends have joined together in making this film.

Arjun Janya has scored music and felt happy for Yogaraj Bhat audio first is his film and Maha Guru Hamsalekha releasing it. Avinash, Krishi Tapanda and Chikkanna were present among the actors of the film.


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