Kareena Kapoor Khan gives a befitting reply to everyone who thinks she doesn’t spend much time with Taimur


Many judge Kareena Kapoor Khan’s parenting ways considering Taimur is usually accompanied by his nanny. Say for that matter, some even say Kareena has no time for family and is busy with her own professional commitments. But haters gonna hate, Kareena is not here to prove anything to anyone and is very proud of the way she’s upbringing her 17-month old baby. While she ensures to make time for family despite being busy with her shoots. She’s also of the opinion that she wouldn’t let the media or the society take control of her personal life for whatsoever reasons.

In interaction with Hindustan Times, the actress gave a befitting reply when asked if there’s any guilt that she couldn’t give much time to Taimur soon after his birth. “My time with my son- because it’s not on social media or no one knows about it- does not need to be (made public). Just because I don’t post a picture with him or I don’t carry him at airports doesn’t mean I don’t spend time with my son. I believe in quality over quantity..and what my time and my bond is with my son, I don’t need to announce to the world. Are we saying that mothers who work don’t spend time with their children? It’s not like that”, said the actress adding that her priorities in life have totally changed and that she now feels highly responsible to make time for her family.

When asked about Taimur becoming an internet sensation, Kareena said, “Honestly, I’ve never held back anything. He’s practically all over the place. But he’s just 17 months old, so let him grow up and have his life. I want him to have a normal upbringing. I totally understand that it’s tough to have it in today’s time but it is okay. I’m letting him be.”




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