The Apex Body of Kanada cinema industry is adding some more brickbats to the existing account. Sa Ra Govindu as a strong Kannada activist carrying his term for three years has less to boast of himself.

To the list of controversy adds the monthly magazine from KFCC putting up advertisements of non Kannada films. The last month KFCC monthly magazine evolved during the time of R Lakshman is now kicking up another row.

The detractors of KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu are asking or rather ‘Just Asking’ where was the need to put up advertisement of non Kannada films in it.

When R Lakshman evolved this magazine the content decided was giving all authentic information from the office of Apex Body. The editor note, films released, the films censored, the developments of Kannada cinema in other parts, awards won by Kannada films, eye opening articles, advertisement of Kannada films at nominal prize, the activity of KFCC for the month, the month ahead of KFCC etc were discussed as contents. It was made as a Kannada magazine.

Some of the issues were fine and it was not attempted to make money. A kind of home magazine of KFCC meant to reach all three sectors – producers, distributors and exhibitors.

Now what is the point in putting up advertisements of full sheets of non Kannada films? KFCC is not poor to handle this small magazine every month. It has good revenue in the form of rentals to the coffers. According to one estimate there is Rs.4 crores plus in the bank accounts of KFCC.

Giving publicity in the home magazine of KFCC to non Kannada films is nothing but the support extension to such languages. When Kannada films are facing so much of tough competition, this is another insult to injury from KFCC.


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