Has the makers of ‘Appa Amma Preethi’ fumbled? It appears so in the case of announcement of south India top actress Khushboo name in the cast.

As we all know the famous star couple Sarath Kumar and Radhika were supposed to take part in this Vinay Rajakumar cinema. Sarath Kumar was ready to adjust his dates because he has affiliation to Kannada and lived in Bengaluru selling newspapers before coming to lime light.

Radhika Sarath Kumar given the reason of busy schedule and disagreed to be part of the film. At this point the team members thought of Khushboo for the mother role. After Janani Kannada cinema of her brother in 2010, Kushboo had not acted in any Kannada film.

Once the news of Khusbhoo coming to act in mother role in Kannada cinema spread, from Chennai Khushboo alerted everyone with a tweet message – ‘I have not yet given green signal to act’.

The reason behind Khushboo making such tweet is because she is equally busy in Congress I campaigning for Karnataka state. She is one of the prime campaigners for Karnataka state Assembly elections.

Khushboo has many super hit films in Kannada with V Ravichandran, Dr Vishnuvardhana, Ananthnag and others in her successful career.


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