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Rating : 4/5

Title – Loud Speaker, Producer – Dr K Raju, Direction – Shivathejas, Music – Harshavardhana, Cinematography – Kiran Hampapura, Cast – Bhasker Ninasam, Kavya Shah, Sumanth Bhat, Disha Divakar, Karthik Rao, Abhishekh Jain, Anusha, Rangayana Raghu, Dattanna, Jaya, Anupama and others.

Mobile is a maniac today. Mobile is making life immobile. Mobile is taking away life. Mobile with other social media attachments are a big bane to the society.

For the masses who is going to tell the ills of this Mobile? It is only mass media can attempt in keeping awareness of loads of developments that are moronic to the society.

That is what director Shiva Thejas and team with ‘Dangerous Game’ has done just sitting across a dinner table. The various emotions and mobile misuse, the secret the mobile contains that is so dangerous to trust of living partner etc you would find with many interesting twists and turns in this ‘Loud Speaker’ Kannada cinema. It is a talkative cinema!

It is a surprise package from Shiva Thejas. The screenplay of director is tremendous. There is no boring moment once the wine and dine starts in the house of a doctor and his wife – played by Sumanth Bhat and Disha Divakar.

In the house of the doctor two more married couple Bhasker Ninasam and Kavya Shah, Abhishekh Jain and Anusha plus a divorcee Karthik Rao assemble and the game begins – all seven at the table should keep their mobile on and loudspeaker mode is a must so that all can hear.

The secrecy of all is now open to seven and the various phone calls that come expose each and every one of his secrets. This is the funniest part and also eye opener of the film. All of them secrets tucked in their mobile and it is a dangerous especially for Abhishekh Jain as he gets a ‘Nude Photo’ at 10 pm every night.

To escape from this moment he exchanges his mobile with Karthik Rao a divorcee. The scene reaches a boiling point as he starts receiving a gay call. This flares up the situation and when the level of the narration goes extreme – Karthik stuns everyone by admitting that he is a ‘Gay’ in life after his wife divorced him because of that reason.

Finally the search is for Kavya who doubts her husband Bhasker Ninasam. The opener is something else when Kavya is traced with police supporting this search.

The three couple and Karthik Rao are extremely good and they have understood the situations that they have to take part very well.

The best comes from Rangayana Raghu as a cop when the narration takes place in a flash back. The advice Rangayana Raghu makes with hard hitting dialogues are superb.

The background score, editing, cinematography are on top gear. The film is a must watch by family audience. The focus is multifold.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable film. Don’t miss this – it is everyone film in the rampant mobile and social media supremacy.





Rating 3/5

Title – Divangatha Manjunatha Geleyaru, Producer – ND Arun Kumar, Direction – Arun ND, Music – Vinay Kumar, Cinematography – Mohammad Ameen, Cast – Rudra Prayag, Sheetal Pandey, Shanker Murthy, Ravi Poojar, Mohan Das, S Nagaraj, Sathyajith, Jyothi Maroor, Prabhakar Rao and others.

This is a worth watching family entertainer with human values. Director Arun has made a first gear going smooth for his story and screenplay. Secondly he picks the right characters for the film, gets good music and cinematography to reach the top gear through this film ‘Divangatha Manjunatha Geleyaru’.

The title ‘Manjunatha’ has always been a winner and lucky mascot for Kannada cinema. The film released on Friday with a magnificent handling of the subject also gets the same notable feat.

Director Arun has shown a great degree of dexterity for his timing of the shots that is well supported by actors. Fine understanding of the subject is what makes such scoring possible. All the five guys especially Ravi Poojar as innocent Srinivasulu rocks throughout the film.

On the contents in the family front the father guarding his son in all depression is sure to do good talk. The situation stitched for this father and son is going to knock at the doors of masses in the society. Especially when father joins the security job after retirement for the sake of his intelligent son in depression, you wipe your tears.

All the five characters – Naveen, Sanjay, Rajkiran, Srinivasulu, Veda engineering college friends have different track. At this point of time director Arun holds a mirror to the recent situation of influx of more engineers in the market. In the case of Naveen his family member ask him to sell pappad in the market. The diploma holders are in good positions compared to the engineers today is also fate of present scenario.

All the five guys are connected in the suicide of Manjunatha. Manjunatha is a cheat with habit of living with his friend’s money. He is connected CC TV business, betting, getting fake marks racket etc. All the five have connection to Manjunatha in one way or the other and that makes the police to round off all of them after the suspected suicide.

It is not a suicide but a murder according to police. There is a pressure on sub inspector Kempaiah who wants to produce the five guys to court and win accolades of solving the case.

Will that happen in the flash back mix story narration of director Arun is the best part of the film. The dialogues among the five youths are extremely good and funny situations gets applaud.

It is not boring at any point of time. It raises a few questions in the minds of people of the society. The love lost youth finally consolidating his position is what the youths should follow. It is a warning in fact from this film for youths – especially boys.

The five guys Naveen, Sanjay, Rajkiran, Srinivasulu and Veda are screen stealers of this film. There are two well set tunes for this film. The cinematography is adequate. The punishment for the youths in the police department could have been brought down.

Get up to watch another Manjunatha on silver screen-‘Divangatha Manjunatha Geleyaru’. A fine preparation and cinematic strength in getting audience is very high in this film.

A film worth your ticket price!

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Rating : 4/5

Title – Ayogya, Producer – TR Chandrasekhar, Direction – S Mahesh Kumar, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Pritam Tagginamane, Cast – Ninasam Satish, Rachita Raom, Ravishanker, Shivaraj KR Pete, Giri, Tabala Nani, Aruna Balaraj, Sunder Raj, Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Pratap and others.

In his debut with a popular revenge saga in mind director S Mahesh Kumar is over intelligent and he has fed entertainment in excess. No doubt that he is intelligent. He knows the ingredients of masses and for the B and C class of audience this is ‘Mysuru Pak’ – the famous mouth watering sweet popular of the city of producer TR Chandrasekhar.

The 153 minutes ‘Ayogya’ is no doubt a ‘Yogya’ film to watch. On several fronts this film is rich in winning the hearts of audience. Sentiment, revenge, betrayal, comedy, action mood, friendship, the usage of latest technology also has come as a good help for this village backdrop film ‘Ayogya’.

This Ayogya is Siddu Gowda (Ninasam Satish). His company is Giri and Shivraj KR Pete sidekicks. Siddu when he was young his mother was kicked by Bachche Gowda for asking ‘Shauchalaya’ for the village. That is the wrong time beginning for Bachche Gowda (Ravishanker). He loses his watch very precious of his family while slashing Siddu mother Aruna Balaraj.

At this young age of a boy the vigor build up very strongly because his mother has asked what is wanted for the entire village. At this point of time the young boy makes a declaration that he will be ‘Grampanchayat member’ one day.

As the story and narration picks up in the second half this vagabond Siddu Gowda is also in love with Nandini (Rachita Ram) daughter of a marriage broker played by Sunder Raj.

The toughness for Siddu is not to keep up his love. He faces some confusion in his love journey but he makes it a point to file the nomination for Gram Panchayat election before 5 pm. The missing of his papers further boils up the situation. He files the papers at five minutes before at the office and his next target is to tarnish the image of Bachche Gowda. The fake ride on Bachche Gowda house and the trick he uses in the ballot papers earns him a good margin of vote and he shows the watch to Bachche Gowda that he picked when he slashed his mother in front of public.

The strong story line and narration in the masal style is the hallmark of this film. Ninasam Satish and Rachita Ram have done extremely good performance. The song for the two Enammi Enammi…is very sweet. Ninasam Satish wins with his dialogues and action.

Rachita Ram as usual is a treat to watch although her strength of the role is not big. Aruna Balaraj as mother is very fine. Ravishanker with hard hitting dialogue ‘Nan Bachche Gowda Nan Munde ella Bachcha’ steals the heart.

Tabala Nani, Giri, Shivraj KR Pete gets good relief required for the film. Sadhu Kokila and Kuri Pratap have nothing much to add to the film.

Arjun Janya is terrific in two songs in this film. The capturing of the village backdrop for the film by cameraman Pritam is commendable.

The dialogue written by Sharat Chakravarthy wins applauds. The ablution scene of Ravishanker is although bit extreme gets the booing moment in the theatre.

‘Ayogya’ with lot of talk for its title in the beginning of the film is a loaded commercial to watch. None of the Gram Panchayat member is belittled in this film.

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Rating : 3.5/5

Title – Padarasa, Producer – Art and Soul Media Services, Direction – Hrishikesh Jambagi, Music – AT Ravish, Cinematography – MB Allikatti, Cast – Sanchari Vijay, Vaishnavi Menon, Manaswini, Niranjan Deshpande, Jai Jagadish, Chi Gurudut, Shobaraj, Bhavya, Hanumanthe Gowda, Vijay Chendur, Ravi Kalyan and others.

Another new director has taken birth with lot of promises. That is Hrishikesh Jambagi. The film ‘Padarasa’ is actually a pack of ‘Navarasa’ and good content in the screenplay of second half clears the first half laxity of crispness.

A film with three strong tales and the protagonist in the first half is shown as a ‘Porki’ – free loader, living on cheating others it needs guts to make and a national award winning actor Sanchari Vijay acceptance deserves compliments.

Hrishikesh Jambagi is not an ordinary director. He knows the trick of trade. He knows how to hold the attention with emotional journey in the second half. There is a good writer in him but not a good editor in him. He has the good flow in narration part but tightening it was needed.

When you look at Sanchari Vijay character of Padarasa in the first half you feel like yelling at him. He runs around beautiful girls, he falls in love with one at the end, he deceives his friend and a pal of gloom is found because of missing child, Papeshi in the company of Padarasa also leaves him for his mischievous attitudes. Padarasa is so active and he goes behind the girl friend of his close friend.

A series of incidents that follow gives a feeling that ‘Padarasa’ is a villain of this film. You are wrong and feel completely moved with his activities in the later stages of the film.

Why did he cheat his friend of his child, why did he run around his friend girl friend, why did he deceived his girl friend and Papeshi – you get a heart rendering answer to it.

Sanchari Vijay has got a fine positioning in this film although it is a shade of villain and Good Samaritan in the second half. He is in cool style with good costumes and made an attempt to romance with actress Vaishnavi. This is no doubt a new opening for Sanchari Vijay.

Vaishnavi Menon is a heroine to watch in the coming years. She is sharp and active in her role, Niranjan Deshpande is very impressive. In fact he has the hero looks and his acting is also natural. He needs a push for a hero spot.

Jai Jagadish, Hanumanthe Gowda, Manaswini, Vijay Chendur, Shobaraj, Chi Gurudut after along gap on screen are right choice for the roles.

Music director AT Ravish has given three impressive tunes. Aparoopa Ada Ninna Athiyagi….is best of the three tunes a duet song.

Cinematographer MB Alli Katti has no flaws in his work. The close-ups, outdoor locations and the hilly region for the song on Sanchari Vijay and Vaishnavi are a treat to the eyes.

‘Padarasa’ is a good test for your brains. You would conclude that there is something wrong with the hero character. Finally you come out wiping your tears.

A film to watch without fail and take your family to this film ‘Padarasa’!

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