Looking at the performance of artists on the shooting spot they were picked for forthcoming films. This was especially when Kannada cinema industry had roots in Chennai. After Tamil and Telugu films the floors were available in the evening times for Kannada film shooting. It was a great time for legends to watch Kannada actors perform and then select them for the coming roles of their future films.

Coming to this 21st century it seems only looks matter. In addition to it the casting couch is further adding up in some artists cases.

Look at Meghana who has changed her name to Saakshi from ‘Sarvam’ Kannada film. As Meghana she was fed up because there were too many Meghanas in Kannada and in addition to it none of her films got released.

Five films as Meghana in ‘Alpa Virama, Best Friends, E Pritiya Marethu’ continued. Before that Meghana hailing from Sakaleshpura acted as child artist in Jogaiah Kannada film.

Among the films ‘Alpa Virama’ of Meghana is produced by her mother. Kishor, Krithi Tapanda and others acted in ‘Alpa Virama’. Meghana has completed all her films. In Best Friends it is a revolutionary subject – lesbian film by director Teshi Venkatesh.Image result for sarvam kannada movie

In the coming five and half months all the five films appear on silver screen it is not a surprise. By the by if you call her as Meghana she does not respond. You have to call her as Saakshi.

In Kannada cinema industry Meghana Raj, Meghana Mudiyan, Meghana Gaonkar, Megha Naidu and few others of the similar naves have appeared on silver screen.


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