Rating : 3.5/5

Title – Padarasa, Producer – Art and Soul Media Services, Direction – Hrishikesh Jambagi, Music – AT Ravish, Cinematography – MB Allikatti, Cast – Sanchari Vijay, Vaishnavi Menon, Manaswini, Niranjan Deshpande, Jai Jagadish, Chi Gurudut, Shobaraj, Bhavya, Hanumanthe Gowda, Vijay Chendur, Ravi Kalyan and others.

Another new director has taken birth with lot of promises. That is Hrishikesh Jambagi. The film ‘Padarasa’ is actually a pack of ‘Navarasa’ and good content in the screenplay of second half clears the first half laxity of crispness.

A film with three strong tales and the protagonist in the first half is shown as a ‘Porki’ – free loader, living on cheating others it needs guts to make and a national award winning actor Sanchari Vijay acceptance deserves compliments.

Hrishikesh Jambagi is not an ordinary director. He knows the trick of trade. He knows how to hold the attention with emotional journey in the second half. There is a good writer in him but not a good editor in him. He has the good flow in narration part but tightening it was needed.

When you look at Sanchari Vijay character of Padarasa in the first half you feel like yelling at him. He runs around beautiful girls, he falls in love with one at the end, he deceives his friend and a pal of gloom is found because of missing child, Papeshi in the company of Padarasa also leaves him for his mischievous attitudes. Padarasa is so active and he goes behind the girl friend of his close friend.

A series of incidents that follow gives a feeling that ‘Padarasa’ is a villain of this film. You are wrong and feel completely moved with his activities in the later stages of the film.

Why did he cheat his friend of his child, why did he run around his friend girl friend, why did he deceived his girl friend and Papeshi – you get a heart rendering answer to it.

Sanchari Vijay has got a fine positioning in this film although it is a shade of villain and Good Samaritan in the second half. He is in cool style with good costumes and made an attempt to romance with actress Vaishnavi. This is no doubt a new opening for Sanchari Vijay.

Vaishnavi Menon is a heroine to watch in the coming years. She is sharp and active in her role, Niranjan Deshpande is very impressive. In fact he has the hero looks and his acting is also natural. He needs a push for a hero spot.

Jai Jagadish, Hanumanthe Gowda, Manaswini, Vijay Chendur, Shobaraj, Chi Gurudut after along gap on screen are right choice for the roles.

Music director AT Ravish has given three impressive tunes. Aparoopa Ada Ninna Athiyagi….is best of the three tunes a duet song.

Cinematographer MB Alli Katti has no flaws in his work. The close-ups, outdoor locations and the hilly region for the song on Sanchari Vijay and Vaishnavi are a treat to the eyes.

‘Padarasa’ is a good test for your brains. You would conclude that there is something wrong with the hero character. Finally you come out wiping your tears.

A film to watch without fail and take your family to this film ‘Padarasa’!



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