Anisha Padukone is doing her duty by sending memes to elder sister Deepika


Deepika Padukone took to her Instagram page to share a funny photo with Anisha Padukone. The actor shared the photo as Anisha bullied her in public by sharing a meme on her.

Deepika simply loves her younger sibling Anisha. The sisters share a friendly bond where they even pull each other’s legs.

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Today, Deepika Padukone shared a funny photo with Anisha Padukone with motichoor ladoo stuffed in the mouth. The actor gave a quirky caption to it revealing that their mom told them to finish everything on their plate.

DP captioned the photo, “when your mother tells you to finish everything that’s in your plate!!!(& that’s for bullying me in public @anishapadukone)”

Some months ago, Deepika and Anisha appeared on BFFs with Vogue, hosted by Neha Dhupia. Both Deepika and Anisha had a candid moment and made some interesting revelations about each other.

Neha asked Deepika about the rumors of her getting engaged on the Maldives vacation, to which Deepika replied, “I was not engaged.” Neha prodded her further and asked to see her ring finger. She checked for a tan and exclaimed that the tan was indeed evident. Hence, implying that Deepika was sporting a ring on her vacation.


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On this, Deepika’s sister Anisha remarked, “She has been engaged successively for the last four years.”

When host Neha asked Deepika, who is the best kisser in the business according to her, she replied, ‘Ranveer Singh is the best kisser in the business.’’


Deepika also said that she would leave Ranveer for Roger Federer. When Neha asked Anisha to complete the sentence – Deepika, stop doing, she replied, ‘’Stop being a nag.’’

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Anisha sent this picture to Deepika and she took to her Instagram handle and said how her sister bullies her.



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