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Preethiya Rayabhari : Choking Rape Story

Film: PreethiyaRayabhari

Director: Muththu

Producer: Venkatesh Gowda

Cast: Nakul, Anjana Deshpande, Giri, Charan Raj, Suchendra Prasad, Padmaja Rao, Sadhu Kokila, Rockline Sudhakar and others.

PreethiyaRayabhari is based on the real-life incident took place at Nandi Hills a few years ago. Director Muththu deserves appreciation for weaving an interesting script based on a real-life incident.

The unique selling point (USP) of this film is the selection of the subject. Director Muthu has selected the right subject – rape and its after effects –  that craves the attention of people as well as the authorities concerned.

As far as the story is concerned, it is about two lovers (Nakul and Anjana Deshpande) who becomes friends after an initial tiff. Their friendship facilitates them to become lovers. Both are set to tie the nuptial knot after availing the necessary permission from their respective families but a small incident makes both to distance from each other. Again, the stage is set for them to lead a happy married life after understanding each other but at this juncture an unfortunate incident takes place.

Three youths attack them when both are spending memorable moments near a dam. They beat the hero black and blue and rapes the heroine in front of the hero and escape from the spot. The news spreads like a wildfire in the village. People stage protests. The police come to know that one of the accused is the son of local MLA. The authorities transfer the police inspector who is investigating the rape case. As expected the protestors withdraw agitation.If you want to know what happens to the lovers, you can proceed towards the nearest theatre to watch this film.

The director has conveyed a message to society through this film. It is not necessary to have a debate on the message but we have to appreciate the director for selecting a subject that represents rape incidents taking place in the state.

The pre-intermission session is full of comedy and romance but the narration gains the pace during the second half of the film. Nakul is very good in dance and fight sequences but he has to improve a lot when it comes to sentiment and emotion. Anjana Deshpande has acted well. Muni, as a police inspector, and Charan Raj, as a politician, have acted well. Giri, Suchendra Prasad, Rockline Sudhakar have provided support. Sadhu Kokila’s comedy has no connection with the script. Arjun Janya has provided lilting music and two songs are worth humming.

It is a worth watch by all.

  • Y.M.R.
  • Rating (3/5)

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