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Kargil war in local quarry

Film: Prema Baraha

Director: Arujun Sarja

Cast: Chandan Kumar, Aishwarya Arjun, Suhasini, K Vishwanath, Prakash Rai and others

It is the film that has script, screenplay, dialogues and direction by Action King Arjun Sarja. The movie buffs have high hopes on this film since it is the maiden film for Arjun Sarja’s daughter Aishwarya.

Earlier, Arjun Sarja had acted in Kannada films that were made in Tamil. If the quality of Prema Baraha is any indication, the re-make shades are visible in this film too. He has made this film on an ordinary love story by adding patriotism. This film has no specialty and can be treated as one of the ordinary films. The main reason for the film falling flat is adding Kargil backdrop and journalism.


The story is about Sanjay (Chandan Kumar)  and Madhu (Aishwarya Arjun)  are two journalists working for two different TV channels. They are busy in criticizing and quarrelling with each other. They are assigned to cover Kargil war and the circumstances compel them to work together. She falls in love with him.

Meanwhile, we are told that heroine has already got engaged with other person while joining the duty. After knowing this, Sanjay tries to keep himself away from her. What happens to them is the climax.

Prema Baraha has some good action sequences and the songs are quite a treat too. But the screenplay could have been crispy.

When it comes to performances, Chandan Kumar shines in the action sequences. Aishwarya Arjun shows a lot of promise and excels in dancing. Suhasini, K Vishwanath and Prakash Rai have endearing roles in the film.

Had the director avoided some sequences, especially in the climax, the film would have been a better one.

It is worth watch if you love to watch stereotypical commercial fare, replete with comedy, sentiments, action and romance.

(2/5) **

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