Prince Narula got Inked!!! Wanna know whose name?? Lets find out


Lovebirds Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary are all set to get married this winter. Every now and then, they make us go aww with their sweet gestures for each other. Well, Prince has gone ahead and got Yuvika’s name inked on the nape of his neck. He has got her name tattooed in Hindi. The picture that has gone viral has Yuvika hugging Prince and we can see the tattoo. Fans first saw the chemistry between Prince and Yuvika inside the Bigg Boss 9 house. However, they were just friends and reports of Prince dating Nora Fatehi made news for few days post that. They continued to be buddies outside but Prince was quite certain that he was in love with her. In January, he proposed to her for marriage. But news of their engagement had gone viral before when Kishwer Merchantt shared a video where he was seen going down on his knees before her. It is very tough to get rid of a tattoo on the neck.

It seems he faked a huge fight with her just to make it more dramatic. Yuvika told Bollywood Life, “You won’t believe but we were fighting like mad until yesterday. I had no clue he was secretly planning to propose to me because he was behaving so weird in the past few days. He was arguing about silly things, initiating random fights. So I was like okay then I don’t see a future with you, I think we are not meant to be together. But despite saying this, Prince refused to calm down. In stead, he too seconded my thoughts and was like Ya I think our relationship is going nowhere…we should end it. I was shocked to see this side of Prince. I even told him you have changed, you are not the same Prince I have known all these years. Then, I spoke to my mom and told her that listen, I don’t think Prince is the right guy for me but strangely even she didn’t side me and only had good things to say about Prince. She was like, “Isse Accha Ladka Nahi Milega”. That’s when I got more irritated because here this guy is agreeing to call it quits and there my mom cannot stop praising him. It was only after Prince proposed to me in front of both our parents at Taj(Mumbai) last night is when I realized that okay, he has involved everyone to make this proposal the most memorable one for me.”


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