Rachita ‘Ruchi’ differs!


Top cinema actors attaching importance to any political party is very rare. Right from icon of Kannada cinema Dr Rajakumar – politics was not his forte. Even in the case of Dr Vishnuvardhana politics was out of question although he worked for producer and former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy films.

The case with Dr Ambarish is different and he opened new chapter in Congress I. Versatile actor Anathnag attached his affinity to former chief minister Ramakrishna Hegde and JH Patel.

Top actors like Jaggesh, Madhu and Kumar Bangarappa, Umasri, BC Patil, Dr Jayamala, Thara Anuradha, Bhavana, Shruthi, Malavika Avinash, Madan Patel, Shashikumar etc, producers like Sandesh Nagaraj, E Krishnappa and scores of others attached significance to political parties of their liking.

Off late it is not like that. Look at Rachita Ram case of recognizing as JDS political party supporter. Just because Rachita Ram is heroine of Nikil Kumaraswamy film ‘Seetharama Kalyana’ that is produced by JDS supreme HD Kumaraswamy, the call from the actress has come to support JDS.

Rachita Ram in a message that is doing rounds in what’s app media says no one is better than HD Kumaraswamy to support the farmer of the state. In 20 months regime HD Kumaraswamy proved as very good chief minister. Please elect him to become next chief minister in the May 12 elections Rachita Ram has appealed.

The compulsion of Rachita Ram is understandable!


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