SCORE : 3.5 / 5

Title – Raja Loves Radhe, Producer – HLN Raj, Direction – Rajashekhar, Music – Veer Samarth, Cinematography – Chidanand, Cast – Vijay Raghavendra, Radhika Preethi, Shuba Punja, Bhavya, Ravishanker, HLN Raj, Shobaraj, Tabala Nani, Rakesh Adiga, Petrol Prasanna, Pavan, Ninasam Niranjan, Mohan Juneja, Moogu Suresh, Rangateja, Danny and others.

This is a commercial package. All ingredients of a family film are neatly packed in this film of 140 minutes ‘Raja Loves Radhe’ of producer HLN Raj and director Rajashekhar.

A true love should always win. A true love has many tests to pass. This is what happens for the protagonist. It is not easy to get back the love once situational disturbance evolve. There is a lot of struggle to prove that he is a pure lover and not interested in affluence.

Raja a simple mechanic in a garage owned by Ravishanker is son of a Tea seller mother. It is inevitable for Raja to utter a lie to win the heart of Radha. This lie he utters with his mother and also with his lover.

Raja is in shock when police frame him in a case. At this time he opens up why he uttered a lie to his mother and lover in perturbed mood.

The travel of Raja from this moment in life is with tough roots. He goes to the extent of kidnapping his lover for a ransom. Will that happen, who chases him, what altercation follows, who is the man behind Raja, finally whether Raja and Radha join in life and win the love? You have to watch this film mixed with turns and twists at regular intervals.

The dialogues of this film written by Vijaya Baramasagar are neat and tidy. For all situations Vijay has given a well measured writing. Rajashekhar wins in his screenplay narration. He does not allow the audience to make a guess.

Vijaya Raghavendra leading the team performed with great degree of skill. Acting is in his blood. Dialogue delivery and its modulation plus action portions – Vijay Raghavendra wins.

Radhika Preethi looks very sweet and Shuba Punja as a sacrifice of her love looks very good. The comedy department of Ravishanker, Kuri Pratap, Tabala Nani, Kuri Ranga, Pawan in the gang and Petrol Prasanna, Shobaraj and Danny in villains gang given good support. Veteran actor Bhavya is in her emotional best. Rakesh Adiga has the fire; HLN Raj has that serene look required for his role.

Two of the scorings from Veer Samarth are hummable; cinematography of Chidanand is very competitive. This ‘Raja Loves Radhe’ is a well measured assorted sweet pack for family audience.


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