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Fails to meet expectations

** (2/5)

Film: Raja Simha

Director: Ravi Ram

Cast: Anirudh, Nikitha, Sanjana, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, Sharath Lohitasva, Arun Sagar, Bullet Prakash.

It is a fact that many cine-goers have forgotten the very existence of Anirudh who was at functions held to celebrate Sahasa Simha Vishnuvardhan’s birthday, death anniversary or at a debate on Vishnuvardhan’s Samadhi or memorial. If most of the sequences in this film are any indication, it seems Raja Simha is just to prove that Anirudh is still an artiste.

The story is about Raja (Anirudh), who maintains a non-governmental organization. Raja falls in love with Nikitha who later shifts to Simhadri. As usual, Raja follows her because he is her lover. As expected, the story revolves around Simhadri. Later, he realizes that Simhadri is his native. At this juncture, the director introduces a flashback and explains Raja’s family background. The climax is how Raja saves and protects his native from vicious people.

As far as Anirudh’s performance is concerned, it seems he is satisfied and happy in imitating late Dr Vishnuvardhan’s acting in the films that were made before his demise. The scene that has morphed image of late Dr Vishnuvardhan is far from convincing. Such scenes and imitations make the audiences feel that director and producer have not made this film depending on Anirudh’s acting skills but to encash Dr Vishnuvardhan’s name and fame. The people know that Anirudh is the son-in-law of Dr Vishnuvardhan. It is also known fact that Anirudh’s survival in Kannada film industry purely depends on Dr. Vishnuvardhan’s image. But it doesn’t mean that he can use Dr Vishnuvardhan’s image or name at the drop of a hat. The late actor has lakhs of fans and they admire him and adore him. The director should have thought twice before misusing such a great artiste’s name and fame for this film.

Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, who has also played a key role in this film, should also think whether it is right to misuse her husband’s name and fame.

As far as other artistes’ performance is concerned, it is not known why the director has included Sanjana in the star cast. Nikitha, Bullet Prakash have acted well. The director has failed miserably to exploit the acting skills of Sharath Lohitasva.


Song scenes appear and disappear without any reason. The director has no control over the screenplay.

All in all, it is worth watch for Anirudh’s fans as well as Dr Vishnuvardhan’s fans only.

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