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It is a must watch for class as well as mass audiences

Film: Raju Kannada Medium

Cast: Gurunandan, Sudeep, Avantika Shetty, Ashika Ranganath, Angelina Desedina, Sadhu Kokila, Suchendra Prasad, Ashok, Yedakallu Guttadamele Chandrasekhar, Veena and Sundar, Vinayak Joshi and Chikkanna.

Direction: Naresh Kumar

Producer: K A Suresh

It is the second combination of Gurunandan and director Naresh Kumar after the successful Kannada film First Rank Raju. It is one of the films in Sandalwood that created lot of curiosity among the movie buffs. It is set to remain as one of the best films released in January 2018.

The film begins with Raju Srivatsa alias Raju (Gurunandan), trying to commit suicide. After a few minutes, the director narrates (in a flash back) how naughty was Raju in his childhood and how he fell in love with Vidya (Ashika Ranganath) and how his girl friend has to leave him and also the circumstances that compelled him to come to Bengaluru for livelihood from Malenadu.

After having a hilarious encounter with a KSRTC conductor (Chikkanna), Raju, with the help of his childhood friend, joins a company owned by a greedy owner (Sadhu Kokila). Raju happens to meet Nisha (Avantika Shetty), who changes boyfriends like costumes on a daily basis. Nisha wants to make fun of Raju and makes him to spend lot of money. He believes that she is in love with him but comes to know that she is just flirting with him. He tries to avoid her but the more he tries to avoid her the more she comes closer to him.

Raju happens to meet a successful entrepreneur (Sudeep) and gets some valid tips on how to become successful in life. Raju struggles hard to own a company. Business deal makes him to go abroad.

Will he return to Bengaluru? What happens to him and who he meets? What makes him to land at an island? The climax provides answers to these queries.

As far as the performances of the artistes is concerned, Gurunandan has improved a lot. His dialogue delivery is good. His performance in emotional scenes deserves appreciation. Ashika Ranganath has acted well. Her performance, as an adolescent, is very good. Avantika Shetty has also acted well. Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Pratap, and Chikkanna provide comedy.

It is Sudeep who takes this film to the next level. Though Sudeep played a brief role, it conveys the much-needed message to youth, especially those who want to become somebody in society. His dialogues are meaningful.

Kiran Ravindranath has provided melodious and lilting music. Songs are good, especially the song – Nentru Bartare – is very good. Cinematographer Sekhar Chandra has done a good job behind the camera.

Director Naresh Kumar needs a pat on his back for coming out with a wonderful film that not only provides entertainment but also conveys a message.

It is a must watch for class as well as mass audiences.

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