Have you seen Sri Kanakadasa previous life?  That is before becoming a saint with highly acclaimed philosophy. Kanakadasa was a great warrior and was in the brave heart at war field. It is Kalinga War of Ashoka that totally changed his mind set. He moved to philosophy like how King Ashoka renounced the war in his life.

Sri Kanakadasa philosophy is popular even to this 21st century although he lived in 15th century. Studying the untold aspects of Sri Kanakadasa, a stage play by Roopantara of KSDL Chandru was popular in the name of ‘Rama Dhanya’.

It sounds very peculiar. At the court hall of Lord Rama there was a discussion whether ‘Rice’ is great or ‘Ragi’ is great. Lord Sri Rama deferred judgment for six months in Tretayuga. Connecting all the stage play clicked tremendously.

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The much expected film of director TN Nagesh with ten producers – Dashamukha Enterprises ‘Ramadhanya’ is all out to give new experience for the audience. It is slated to appear on 25th of May all over Karnataka.

Dashamukha Ventures. Venkatesh Savanur, Jambanna B Havalada, Santosh Angadi, Anilkumar Pavali, Govindaraj R, Mallesh Rajagandharva, SN Rajeshekhar Boodal, Mahantesh G Tavamshi invested on this film – the one year project for ten producers has given relief with good music, acting and background score done for it.

Director of a few inconsequential films Nagesh TN has banked on the stage play of Roopantara. It was his son who sew the seeds of the film. Later Nagesh realized the spread of the subject from 15th century to 21st century with three shades in the film for the first time opening up the soldier strength in Kanakadasaru the saint poet in this film.

Double heart is needed for making film says Yashas Soorya. As a matter of fact, 10 producers indulged in making of this film is much more than double heart. I can do hundred commercial cinema but a film like this very rare to catch says good looking hero of Ramadhanya Yashas Soorya.

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A model, singer and actress Nimika Rathnakar was jumping in joy when the trailer was unveiled at SRV theatre. In the first venture three shades in a film that too ‘Seetha Matha’ in it is a boon in my life she feels. The social message is very interesting in this film says Nimika Rathnakar. It appears like I have done three films she strongly feels.

The need of heavy background music for this kind of title ‘Ramadhanya’ surprised Veer Samarth. After watching the film he understood why director Nagesh had told heavy music.

Less in talk but sensible Basavaraja Sooleripalya stated that this is a ‘Jagathika Cinema’. The caste feeling is still persistent in the society says dialogue writer Basavaraja Sooleripalya. It travels from 15th century to 21st century he observed.

The content of the film was supposed to come from KSDL Chandru director of ‘Rama Dhanya’ play. He was checked at the last minute. Chandru checked on further explanation and said the play was staged in many parts of the country.

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