All stars combine in one way or the other if not on the protest days. For the most obsessive cinema of Sharan ‘Rambo 2’ – there are a series of good push to the success of the film.

Firstly all technicians of the film and actor Sharan are joint partners of this film. The investment majority was not a worry. Atlanta Nagendra was there to help for the liquid flow of cash. The team members supported in all respects and the good turnout of the film would be a stepping stone for this kind of film making.

When the distribution was handled by super stars in the past the majority of investment was a big relief for producers. The stars looked after the distribution by staking claim in lieu of remuneration.

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That is the reason why Rajanikanth remuneration was bigger than Amitabh Bachchan remuneration for the film.

From ‘Rambo 2’ similar things are possible. Major personalities of the film hero Sharan, director Anil Kumar, Music director Arjun Janya, creative head Tarun Sudhir, Editor KM Prakash and cameraman Sudhakar S Rao, production executive Narasimha and a few more have not taken remuneration and worked.

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Look at the latest addition of credibility to the film. For a Ganesha and Rat animation in 3D technology (in the style of Chota Bheem, Bala Hanuman and Bala Ganesh style) scene the voice over of golden star Ganesh and Comedy Kiladigalu Shivaraj is brought in. It is Laddoo Creations film ‘Rambo 2’ all set for release on May 18.

In the past for one of the characters in the film ‘Hollywood’ Kannada cinema (Upendra in three roles in the direction of Dinesh Baboo of Producer Ramu) a monkey, the voice of Ramesh Bhat was impeccable.

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