Even today Dr Ambarish remembers that it is cinema that has given him status. With a long stint in political career Dr Ambarish salutes cinema first.

It is the turn of Ramya the renowned actress to stage a comeback. She is still very active but after Lok Sabha she wants to return to acting.

Image result for Ambareesh and RamyaThe Sandalwood Queen Ramya alias Divya Spandana settled in politics and heading the social media sector of national political party Congress I kept away from films. It is a long time after ‘Aryan’. The unfinished projects are also in her kitty.

In a twitter message congratulating the trailer of ‘Avane Sriman Narayana’ of Rakshit Shetty, Ramya former MP has given a clue of returning to cinema after 2019 Lok Sabha elections.Image result for divya spandana

Ramya signal to re-enter cinema is after a quick question from Rakshit Shetty ‘expect to see you in films’.The last film of Ramya to release was ‘Naagarahavu’.

The film ‘Dilk Ka Raaja’ is unfinished in the career of Ramya and it is with Prajwal Devaraj. There was news of Haripriya replacing Ramya in that film. But there is no news after that. Haripriya replaced Ramya in ‘Neer Dose’ Kannada film and given her a new image in the filmdom.Image result for divya spandana

Now the guest work is what happens when Congress I and alliance come to power in 2019 elections to Lok Sabha? Obviously Ramya very close at the higher levels would be given a position. She has a good track record from her address for the first time in Lok Sabha.Image result for divya spandana


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