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Entertainer with too many twists and turns

Film: Samhaara

Director: Guru Deshpande

Cast: Chiranjeevi Sarja, Haripriya, Kavya Shetty, Chikkanna and others

Music: Ravi Basrur

Producers: A Venkatesh and R Sundar Kamaraj

Director Guru Deshpande has succeeded in selecting a good subject but doesn’t meet the expectations of the audiences in narrating the script aptly and convincingly. The film is shot in beautiful locations of Mangaluru and Udupi and the credit must go to cinematographer Bashir Wali for his excellent work behind the camera.

It is about Sri Saila alias Sri (Chiranjeevi Sarja), a visually-challenged chef who becomes famous for his culinary skills. Sri not only earns name and fame but also money. Janaki (Kavya Shetty), an anchor for a private TV channel, helps him to get publicity. Impressed by his willpower and good manners, Janaki falls in love with him. However, he is attracted to Nandini (Haripriya), who comes to closer to him by showcasing her ‘good habit’ of distributing food to the destitute women and beggars on the street.

Meanwhile, he gets injured in a road accident. As usual, some people rush him to a nearby private corporate hospital where doctors not only treat him for injuries but also help him to regain his eye sight. As expected, he wants to meet Nandini but in vain. His parents arrange his betrothal with Janaki. At this juncture, Nandini’s ‘father’ meets him to narrate how his daughter has been kidnapped by a money-lender and how badly he needs money. Without any option, Sri take the ornaments meant for Janaki in a bag and goes with Nandini’s ‘father’ to rescue her from the money-lender. But, the money-lender escapes with the gold ornaments.

Circumstances compel Sri to go to Mangaluru and later Udupi to trace the whereabouts of Nandini. He comes to know that Nandini has two other names – Anjali and Chitra. He also realizes that Chitra’s main profession is honey trapping visually-challenged youth from affluent families. Finally, how Sri teaches a lesson to Chitra is the climax.

As far as performance of the artistes is concerned, Chiranjeevi Sarja is good in stunt sequences but not up to the mark in emoting and romancing. Chikkanna, as usual, depends his dialogue delivery but his role has no importance in this film. It looks incongruous since no police constable has powers to investigate a case without prior permission of his superior officers.

Haripriya steals the show and walks way with all honours for her performance. Kavya Shetty looks charming.

It is a worth watch if you have the patience to cope with pre-intermission session. The post-interval session is quite interesting.

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