Sanju song Badhiya irritates fans because it doesn’t go with his ‘macho’ image..


The first song from the upcoming film Sanju was released yesterday. Titled, Badhiya, the song features Ranbir Kapoor not only lip-syncing to lyrics crooned by a female but also acts as a little feminine in the process. And Sanjay Dutt’s fans are mighty pissed at this song, Ranbir and Rajkumar Hirani for showing their favourite actor in a ‘feminine’ role. Well, Sanjay did belong to an era when a man was only defined by his machismo. Moreover, the song was a comic take on gender reversal, where Sonam Kapoor acted like a man and Ranbir did the opposite. The comments to this song by a few fans are very derogatory towards a section of the society.






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