It is PRK audio rights for ‘Sankashta Kara Ganapathi’ and that has also made the power star Puneeth Rajakumar to grace the audio release at one of the posh pubs.

It was expensive ‘Hammered Pub and Grub’ the songs of the film album were declared open. Power star Puneeth Rajakumar was present to release the audio CD of ‘Sankashta Kara Ganapathi’ – it PRK of Puneeth Rajakumar brought the CD to the market.Image result for sankashta kara ganapathi

Power star Puneeth Rajakumar was given a task to make a quotation for the film. Immediately Puneeth Rajakumar came up with a statement ‘When Abhimani Devarugalu ‘Kara’ hididre no problem for this film. For the audio release he was joined by ace composer Gurukiran to release audio CD. For me hero of the film Likit Shetty is an old friend. I have seen the trailer and heard songs. There is something new.

Music director of many successful films Gurukiran appreciated was present for the Mangaluru connections. He has been long time friend of hero of the film Likit Shetty. He had even acted in his Tulu film in a guest role. Moreover Likit is like my brother. With this film title and making looking positive there is good hope is built up he pointed. I was asked to sing a sorrow song for this film stated Gurukiran.

Director Arjun Kumar explained the five songs are penned for the film by Nischal, Madan and Nitin. The film is about the neurological disorder in the hero. With power star Puneeth Rajakumar and Gurukiran to our audio release is a big boost for the film ‘SKG’.

Likit remembered how Gurukiran was helpful in getting him married in life. He immensely thanked the power star adding to the event is a great support. Shruthi heroine of the film was also seen in gleeful mood and thanked for the presence of Puneeth Rajakumar and Gurukiran.

The album of Sankashtakara Ganapathi has Raghu Dixit singing for Nischal lyrics, Nooru Choorina…sung by Sanjit Hegde and Rakshita Rao penned by Nischal, Modamodalaagiye…sung by Deepak Dodera and Isha Suchi is penned by Nischal and Madan Bellisalu, Jeevanada…sung by Mehabook Saab penned by Nithin, Nanaghelade….sung by Gurukiran and Ananya Bhat is penned by Nischal for this album. Rajesh Babu, Fayaz Khan and others are the producers of this film.Image result for sankashta kara ganapathi


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