SCORE : 4 / 5

Title – 2nd Half, Producer – Nagesh, Direction – Yogi Devaganga, Music – Chetan Soska, Cinematography – RK Shivakumar, Cast – Priyanka Upendra, Niranjan, Surabhi Santosh, Shalini, Sharat Lohitashva, Veena Sunder, Ashok Rao and others.

The maiden production of Nagesh and maiden direction of Yogi Devaganga has two layers in the film that is very captivating in the second half.

The first layer of the film is first half. The audience should watch this especially because they get to know where they get locked in case of mistakes in the social life in public places. Previously U Turn Kannada film took the help of this Police surveillance room but this film’2nd Half’ has slowly and cool way in the first half outline the ‘Surveillance Room’ of Karnataka Police. Of course the situations handled are restricted to Bengaluru but awareness of such protection to public and keeping the culprits in check is possible only when this kind of film comes.

Yogi Devagange and team in fact remained public interest in the first half and second half the investigation of Police Constable when her own department decries the kidnap case – Yogi Devagange comes up with another captivating portion of narration.

Be careful says the first half and be very careful in the ‘2nd Half’. The surveillance room is location of shoot in the first half. Priyanka Upendra and Shalini in this room are watching the developments in and around Bengaluru in this network room. Priyanka turns very affectionate in watching through CC TV cameras to one painter Surabhi. There is another boy Niranjan who has a special love for Surabhi.

At the interval point a group of kidnappers pull Surabhi inside the van. Before this they ransack the CC TV cameras of that area. The honest Police Constable Priyanka bring it to the notice of seniors in the department. They give deaf ear to this development.

To save from further ordeals of the girl Surabhi, Priyanka goes on a week holiday from her job. She gets the support of Niranjan after a scuffle. When the duo investigates on the whereabouts of Surabhi they find further strange people and incidents. That is interesting and eye opener too in the family of Surabhi. You have to watch it on silver screen.

Priyanka Upendra has gone in to the skin of acting. Her anxiety, quickness, walking and running style is best part of the film. Niranjan nephew of super star Upendra is lively in his first film. He has a good future in the coming days. Surabhi in her come back to Kannada cinema after four years has picked a good role. She is a treat to watch on screen.

Shalini dialogue delivery evokes laughter, presence of Sharat Lohitashva, Veena Sunder and inspector character are apt selection.

This is the debut of playback singer Chetan Soska as music composer. He has lived up to the expectations. The opening song of the film is superb. Uppi song in the film for his nephew dance is rocking in style. Niranjan dancing ability is good. Cameraman RK Shivakumar outdoor capturing of shots is absorbing.

2nd Half is not a film to miss. First half is eye opener.


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