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Rating : 3/5

Title – Seizer, Producer – Trivikrama Sapalya, Direction – Vinay Krishna, Music – Chandan Shetty, Cinematography – Anji and Rajesh Kata, Cast – Chiranjeevi Sarja, V Ravichandran, Prakash Rai, Nagi Needu, Parul Yadav and others.

Has Chiranjeevi Sarja learnt lessons from his younger brother Dhruva Sarja? This is evident from the action feast ‘Seizer’ of Chiranjeevi Sarja. Power Punches of Chiranjeevi Sarja is a lesson he learnt from home. Good for him to stand out in box office on the eve of his marriage with Megnana Raj!

Playing it to the gallery ‘Seizer’ is somewhat like Julius Caesar of Roman Republic. Julius Caesar was assassinated after for his dictatorship but this Kannada film Caesar in ‘Seizer’ assassinates trio brothers for their wrong doings. Finally scot free from the super cop – this is what the majority of audience would look forward. Vinay Krishna knows how to put his contents to gallery.

What best you can ask in a commercial action flick, you have everything but do not look at the logic. Logic in commercial films is lost their stay long ago! It is erosion of power – all properties gets in to pieces!

Like all other films – in this case Chiranjeevi Sarja younger brother case you can consider – hero hits no one gets up. In this case the actor who advertised for ‘Indus Steel’ Prakash Rai looks dummy at the fireworks of ‘Man of Steel nerves’ Chiranjeevi Sarja to steal the attention.

This Caesar in ‘Seizer’ works for ‘One and Only Finance’ Empire headed by Crazy Star V Ravichandran. Caesar is so effortless that he does not even leave the police vehicle to go scot free. He finds his lady love when he seizes Ambulance. High way, parking lots are his catchment area.

On a two point agenda Caesar works. One to support his life with Rs.10000 from every seizer of vehicle and second one not unleashed till the end is the revenge saga.

The water pipe into the stomach of Prakash Rai is pierced so strongly that one expected blood to come in the tap. That is the asking of commercial entertainers. Of course the hero family is ardent family of Kadri Narasimhaswamy!

Chiranjeevi Sarja action suits immaculately. The dance he has done is very careless. The moustache for him throughout the family fitted well.

Parul Yadav has acted as if she is on a small ‘Pay Role’! Even without the heroine this film could have managed. Likewise the controversy erupting dialogue and the scene to it on cows carried – was purposefully fed in to the film.

V Ravichandran is very casual in his role and screaming at others is what he does. It is show of anger from Prakash Rai. Shobaraj and Ramesh Bhat in a brief presence are quite OK. Nagi Needu coming to Kannada has not left any impressions.

Trivikram Sapalya from ‘Parie’ to this ‘Seizer’ has also learnt lessons that action flicks only clicks. Vinay Krishna is more like ‘Krishna’ and he has set aside ‘Vinaya’ nature for this film.

Worth once a watch for action lovers!

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