With Dr Ambarish keeping mum on treatment to his position as Housing Minister, Ramya remaining at a distance from state politicking, a dozen more in the contest for state Assembly elections – the scene is quite different for two super stars of Kannada cinema Kichcha Sudeep and challenging star Darshan.

Kichcha Sudeep on personal bonding with Sriramulu and Raju Gowda went to different places of Karnataka. The end result of his campaigning is that enough is enough. Sudeep making campaign is because of a few who stood behind him in difficult days. He has not looked at any particular party as such. I have taken a very strong decision not to be part of any campaign he made it clear.

On Tuesday evening in a twitter Kichcha Sudeep disclosed that he would not campaign for any political party. The Lok Sabha election for 2019 is in next year. Kichccha Sudeep aversion has gone as a caution to the political bosses.

Of all reactions to his entry to campaign why Sudeep got upset and decided not to be in the frame of political campaign? The answer is very clear in the present social media active super star. Kichcha Sudeep received many tweet messages that are against to his joining the campaign. It seems he has hurt his fans. So decision to keep away from campaign has come from Kichcha Sudeep.

On the other hand challenging star Darshan is also upset because at his farm ‘Toogudeepa Farm’ in Mysurur there was protest on his campaign for Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah. The JDS and Congress I workers clash in Mysuru in fact resulted in injury – all happened because of Darshan campaign. Obviously this has hurt Darshan. Look at the demand of JDS followers who demanded that Darshan should not go to Chamundeswari to campaign in favor of Siddaramaiah – the simple demand was that water for irrigation was not released by Siddaramaiah after fervent appeal it is understood.

Darshan made a promise to a few of his friends like Kichcha Sudeep and he continued with the campaign. Certainly Darshan is always in favor of farmers. For a television program when he was invited Darshan sought help to farmers. He did it and others followed.


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