The new Kannada cinema Thrataka (a Sanskrit word that is traced in Yogasana – one of the postures) is a win of mind situation. The conceiving this power is something very useful. The control of all Yogic powers may even bring ‘Ichcha Marana’ (It is referred to Dr Rajakumar). The power of this ‘Thrataka’ posture is getting in to isolation. The worldly connections are out from propagating it.

A similar situation evolves in the film ‘Thrataka’. The audio CD of the film was released on Friday night at Kalavidara Sangha auditorium by Dr Ambarish. The chief guests were given Gandhi Topi to wear looked special. Noted producer K Manju, Bijapur newly elected MLA and others were present. The Gandhi Topi was fitted on guests as honor. The two songs and trailer of the film were declared open for the film for publicity in social media.

‘Thrataka’ In this murder mystery with suspense and thrill how a police officer uses the ‘Thrataka’ power to round off the criminals is the crux of the film. Shiva Ganesh who directed ‘Jigar Thanda’ for SRV combines has directed this film. For this film Shiva Ganesh has picked the real life police file information. Naru Narayanan and Maha Keerthi have written script. Jayanth Kaikini, Dr V Nagendra Prasad contributed two songs each for Aran Suradha music composition.

Rahul Ainapura of Bijapur is in cop role and also invested on this film. Ajith Jayaraj is subordinate police officer. Hrudaya of ‘Orata I Love You’ is back as heroine with Disha Poovaiah stepping for one song.

There is need of new talent of technicians and artists. Coming more is a good development. The programs happening in Kalavidara Sangha is a happy sign. The producer and hero of this film Rahul father is my political colleague. Our days are over and now it is time for next generation. I wish good luck for the team stated Dr Ambarish.


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