As we all know that super star Upendra entering politics forming his own party and later amalgamating with existing ‘Karnataka Prajakiya Paksha’ doomed at the right time.
Upendra quit his own party to come clean again. This time he has made his new political party as ‘Uththama Prajakiya Paksha’ – UPP – The Election commission of India has given permission for that UPP. Now the going is free you would think. It is now so easy here afterwards. The agenda set for Upendra to enter politics is the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019. It is very tough compared to this Assembly election. Aggregating a 28 persons to contest Lok Sabha – Upendra has to use his brain power more. The time left out is hardly one year. Recognizing right candidate should happen with various other modalities.
Upendra has switched interest to acting in films for this new signal he got for UPP, the ground work is needed strongly in case he has an eye on Lok Sabha Elections.
Had the calculations of Upendra went right and no hiccup taken place for his KPJP, his party would have contested in large scale for 15th Karnataka Assembly Elections. Sadly that has not happened.

Upendra has learnt lessons even before deciding on fielding candidates. The clash erupted at seat sharing time. It was the clash with Mahesh Gowda who gave the KPJP for formation. In first week of March the differences of opinion went up. Mahesh Gowda on Upendra backing out lashed by saying party cannot be built with social media alone.


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